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Casting Crowns Guitar Tabs

Title TypeViewsDate AddedRating*
All Because of JesusChords/Tab31410-03-2007None
All Because of JesusChords/Tab33103-13-20085.00
Altar and The Door, theChords25110-03-2007None
Altar and the Door, theChords27512-31-20075.00
Altar and the Door, theChords25801-18-2008None
Alter And The DoorTab30611-14-20075.00
Alter and the Door, theChords/Tab29904-11-20085.00
American DreamChords24,34007-11-20044.06
American DreamChords15,98612-14-20044.78
American DreamChords1,38201-12-20075.00
American DreamTab7,02501-09-20053.75
American DreamTab6,38310-29-20042.80
American DreamTab4,38203-06-20054.50
American DreamTab6,56506-18-20054.78
Beautiful SaviorChords14,45210-20-20044.57
Does Anybody Hear HerChords18,37609-22-20053.63
Does Anybody Hear HerChords14,68211-04-20054.09
East from the WestChords28510-15-2007None
East to WestChords30408-30-2007None
East to WestChords32501-19-2008None
east to westChords29902-11-20084.33
East to WestChords/Tab36409-01-20073.00
East to WestTab33912-29-2007None
Father, Spirit, JesusChords7,81012-08-20053.00
Here I Go AgainChords42,61610-01-20034.56
Here I Go AgainChords/Tab30,28512-30-20035.00
Here I Go AgainChords/Tab12,79806-29-20045.00
I Know You're ThereChords27610-04-2007None
I Will Praise You In This StormChords18,88209-06-20054.75
If We Are the BodyChords61,03610-06-20033.36
If We Are The BodyChords99,44610-07-20034.36
If We Are The BodyChords28,47801-13-20043.22
If We Are the BodyChords14,57008-19-20042.50
If We Are The BodyChords13,83510-19-20043.70
If We are the BodyChords7,24512-14-20043.33
If We are The BodyChords8,68301-18-20053.00
If we are the bodyChords/Tab16,88608-02-20042.75
If We Are The BodyIntro Tab24,56412-04-20034.00
In MeChords6,49011-17-20055.00
Life of PraiseChords4,89601-11-20051.00
Life of PraiseChords14,95401-10-20042.83
Life of PraiseChords7,21801-14-20055.00
Life Of PraiseChords2,97506-30-20055.00
LifesongIntro Tab10,50108-09-20055.00
Love Them Like JesusChords2,33712-30-20061.00
Praise You In The StormChords25,48708-31-20054.64
Praise You in This StormChords23,29110-21-20054.78
Praise you in this stormChords5,45904-20-20064.00
Praise You in This StormChords25306-01-2008None
Praise You With The DanceChords27,22802-04-20044.81
Praise You With The DanceChords4,92406-20-20055.00
Prayer for A FriendChords26602-27-2008None
Set Me FreeChords5,86709-17-20051.33
Set Me FreeChords10,35210-04-20055.00
Stain Glass MasqueradeTab/Chords6,13112-11-2005None
Stained Glass MasqueradeChords8,53002-02-20064.83
Stained Glass MasqueradeChords10,55809-08-20053.67
Stained Glass MasqueradeChords5,54211-01-2005None
Stained Glass MasqueradeChords5,59111-08-20055.00
Until the Whole World Hears25005-04-2010None
Voice of TruthChords56,95906-20-20044.40
Voice of TruthChords84,02901-10-20043.95
Voice of TruthChords13,01801-15-20053.00
Voice of TruthChords13,68707-30-20054.29
Voice of TruthChords35009-25-20074.50
Voice of TruthChords/Tab33,75906-29-20044.00
What if His People PrayedChords37,13303-22-20044.42
What if his people prayed?Chords14,26305-05-20043.33
What this World NeedsChords/Tab27010-03-2007None
While You Were SleepingChords11,92009-21-20054.83
Who Am IChords155,82802-03-20044.35
Who Am IChords76,22907-28-20044.35
Who am IChords18,87312-08-20044.50
Who Am IChords6,15811-15-20052.50
Who Am IChords/Tab48008-22-20075.00
Who Am I?Chords143,63012-13-20033.00
Who am I?Chords22,06608-04-20043.80
Who am I?Chords22,54709-12-20044.13
Who am I?Chords12,37812-23-20043.50
Who Am I?Tab/Chords12,99308-26-20053.50
Your Love Is ExtravagantChords64,29509-20-20033.50
Your Love is ExtravagantChords29,63401-17-20043.29
Your Love Is ExtravagantChords25303-11-20085.00
Your Love is ExtravagantChords/Tab21,62003-01-20043.00
Your Love Is Extravagant Mandolin Tab6,21002-25-20055.00
Your Love is ExtravagantMandolin Tabs15,61810-10-20045.00
Your Love is ExtravagantTab16,18407-05-20041.67
Your Love is ExtravagentChords10,42710-22-20041.00
Your Love is ExtravagentChords14,17212-11-20044.67
Your Love Is ExtravagentTab/Chords4,43911-17-20053.00

* Rating - This is a subjective rating for the accuracy of each song on a scale from 0-5. You are encouraged to rate each song that you use. To rate a song, simply click on the song title, and the rating information will be near the top of the page.

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