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Michael W. Smith Guitar Tabs

Title TypeViewsDate AddedRating*
Above AllChords113,33405-04-20034.31
Above AllChords30,71203-08-20043.50
Above AllChords21,95205-26-20044.14
Above AllChords12,38312-15-20042.00
Above AllChords8,18106-04-20052.50
Above AllChords2,91803-29-2006None
Agnus DeiChords36,29202-03-20034.50
Agnus DeiChords22,85908-14-20035.00
Agnus DeiChords5,58104-25-20054.00
Ancient WordsChords6,77009-29-20054.00
Awsome GodTab/Chords6,25605-29-20064.33
Breathe In MeChords14,49109-04-20025.00
Crown Him With Many CrownsChords5,30405-13-20045.00
Do You Dream Of MeChords6,68709-04-20023.00
Draw Me CloseChords11,28101-13-20054.00
Draw Me CloseChords1,46208-28-2006None
Friends 2003Chords8,08504-10-20045.00
Give It AwayChords4,37409-04-2002None
Healing RainChords22,71510-11-20044.30
Heart of WorshipChords32,26004-08-20043.88
Hello, Good-byeChords3,63809-04-20025.00
Here I Am To WorshipChords67,45212-13-20023.88
Here I Am To WorshipChords21,45704-23-20041.33
Here I am to WorshipChords7,60604-11-20052.00
Here I am to WorshipChords4,10706-01-20065.00
Here I am to Worship (Light of the World)Chords7,23710-09-20055.00
How Long Will Be Too LongChords2,79009-04-2002None
I Am LoveChords/Tab2,45210-31-20045.00
I Give You My HeartChords2,10402-21-20065.00
I Miss The WayChords3,00509-04-20024.00
I See YouChords7,05809-04-20025.00
I Will Be Here For YouChords13,86009-04-20025.00
I'll Be Your FriendChords5,65009-04-20023.00
I'll Lead You HomeChords5,93609-04-2002None
I'm Waiting For YouChords3,02909-04-2002None
Kentucky RoseChords7,12209-04-2002None
Let It RainChords37,87312-17-20023.43
Let It RainChords19,41709-09-20022.00
Let It RainChords14,52411-17-20022.00
Let It RainChords32,14902-12-20034.96
Let It RainChords13,55003-14-20030.83
Let It RainChords4,29812-19-2004None
Let It RainTab/Chords1,78504-07-20061.00
Live ForeverChords/Tab2,95210-30-20044.00
Lord Have MercyChords17,14104-10-20035.00
Lord Have MercyChords10,05304-21-2003None
Lord Have MercyChords1,39105-17-20065.00
Love Me GoodChords3,09409-02-2002None
Love of my LifeChords3,57503-21-20054.50
Love Of My LifeChords1,67210-01-2005None
Matter Of TimeChords2,72909-02-2002None
Missing PersonChords4,27504-10-20041.50
Missing PersonChords/Tab8,63308-30-20023.33
My Place in this WorldSolo Tab7,43702-24-20043.50
Never Been UnlovedChords7,27309-02-20023.75
Open The Eyes of My HeartChords30,97005-30-20042.90
Open The Eyes Of My HeartChords6,19802-23-20065.00
Other Side Of Me, TheChords4,51109-04-20025.00
Place In This WorldChords13,24809-04-20024.50
Pray For MeChords6,94709-04-20025.00
Secret AmbitionChords9,23509-04-20023.50
Stand, TheChords2,61911-08-20065.00
Stand, TheChords90203-04-20075.00
Stand, TheChords65904-21-20075.00
Straight To The HeartChords3,95009-04-20025.00
This Is Your TimeChords/Tab17,22809-04-20024.00
This Is Your TimeChords/Tab12,11209-04-20024.00
This is Your TimeIntro and Verse Tab4,13809-01-20042.50
Worth It AllChords/Tab5,81609-04-20020.00
You Are HolyIntro Tab15,94304-05-20045.00
You are holy (Prince of Peace)Chords/Tab52,62103-24-20044.00
You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)Tabs20,00805-21-20045.00

* Rating - This is a subjective rating for the accuracy of each song on a scale from 0-5. You are encouraged to rate each song that you use. To rate a song, simply click on the song title, and the rating information will be near the top of the page.

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