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Matt Redman Guitar Tabs

Title TypeViewsDate AddedRating*
Wonderful Cross, TheTab14,73012-03-20044.77
All Over the WorldChords7,68404-08-20052.89
Are the Prayers of the SaintsChords3,87605-11-20025.00
Better Is One DayChords21,38402-27-20054.75
Better Is One DayChords11,22604-25-20054.25
Blessed Be Your NameChords/Tab20,32706-25-20063.75
Blesses Be Your NameChords16,91406-11-20054.27
Breathing the BreathChords8,63909-02-20044.20
Call To WorshipChords10,61102-21-20034.33
Call To WorshipChords98405-17-20064.00
Can A Nation Be ChangedChords4,779-5.00
Can I AscendChords4,046-2.50
Dancing GenerationChords19,42809-02-20042.75
Dancing GenerationSolo Tab11,50409-04-20043.00
Dancing GenerationSolo Tab10,30602-26-20054.33
Dancing Generation, AChords5,85010-21-20055.00
Did You Feel The Mountains TrembleChords37,603-5.00
Eyes of My Heart, TheChords8,280-1.50
Father Let Me DedicateChords4,08510-10-20044.33
Father's Song, TheChords12,062-4.50
Father's Song, TheChords8,08501-30-20024.00
Fearfully and Wonderfully MadeChords1,59602-23-20075.00
For The CrossChords8,033-3.67
For the CrossChords1,48002-19-20065.00
Friend Of SinnersChords4,776-None
Friendship and the Fear, TheChords73601-16-2006None
Gifted ResponseChords5,16307-21-20041.00
Gifted ResponseChords5,41809-12-20043.00
Gifted ResponseChords50203-06-2007None
Hallelujah SongChords17,574-None
Hear the Music Of My HeartTab4,609-5.00
Heart Of WorshipChords12,22611-18-20044.00
Heart of WorshipChords14,23908-07-20055.00
Heart of Worship, TheChords93,223-4.58
Heart of Worship, TheChords44,332-3.75
Heart Of Worship, TheChords8,03111-01-20055.00
Heart of Worship, TheTab50,789-4.56
Here Am I a Sinner FreeChords3,410-None
Holy MomentChords24,881-4.38
Holy MomentChords8,616-None
I Will Offer Up My LifeChords11,752-5.00
I Will Offer Up My LifeChords7,132-5.00
I Will Offer Up My LifeChords3,34702-13-20055.00
If I Have Not LoveChords4,86712-11-2004None
If I Have Not LoveChords1,52201-14-2006None
It's Rising UpChords5,022-3.00
Justice and MercyChords2,618-None
King of This HeartChords4,385-None
King of This HeartChords2,06901-13-2004None
Knocking on the Door of HeavenChords7,416-4.25
Let Everything That Has BreathChords29,201-4.88
Let Everything That Has BreathChords20,253-4.17
Let Everything That Has BreathChords5,76603-17-20043.00
Let Everything That Has BreathTab21,386-4.00
Let My Words Be FewChords28,859-4.22
Let My Words Be FewChords22,83702-13-20024.88
Let My Words Be FewChords5,53509-03-20043.67
Let My Words Be FewTab33,214-3.82
Let Your Glory FallChords20,192-5.00
Light of the WorldChords25,338-5.00
Making MelodyChords/Tab5,84304-09-20023.75
Mission's FlameChords9,17512-13-20044.75
Missions FlameTab2,61710-04-20055.00
Nothing But The BloodChords42,49410-15-20045.00
Now to Live the LifeChords4,089-3.00
O Sacred KingChords7,280-5.00
O Sacred KingChords3,291-None
Once AgainChords23,836-5.00
Once AgainChords16,145-4.33
Once AgainChords12,763-5.00
One Thing RemainsChords3,232-None
Praise Awaits youChords7,63709-02-20043.25
Praise Awaits YouChords6,23210-17-20044.50
Praise Awaits YouChords3,68105-18-20055.00
Prayers of the Saints, TheChords3,165-None
Rejoice With TremblingChords3,40909-05-20025.00
Seeing YouChords2,42906-25-2005None
Send Revival, Start With MeChords6,093-5.00
Sing Like the SavedChords8,923-4.00
Sing Like the SavedInterlude Tab3,442-4.00
Take the World But Give Me JesusTab8,805-None
Thank You For the BloodChords9,108-5.00
Thank You For the BloodChords5,271-5.00
The Heart of Worshiptab38904-16-2007None
There Is A Louder Shout To ComeChords3,781-None
Way of the Cross, TheChords3,321-None
We Want To See Jesus Lifted HighChords24,953-3.75
We Want To See Jesus Lifted HighIntro Tab14,91702-24-20024.50
We Want To See Jesus Lifted HighTabs 8,33011-26-20045.00
What I Have VowedChords3,047-None
What I Have VowedChords2,232-4.00
When I Needed A SaviourChords1,889-None
When My Heart Runs DryChords6,535-5.00
Where Angels Fear To TreadChords4,74206-20-20035.00
Whole World In His HandsChords4,17004-20-20054.00
Wonderful Cross, TheChords37,46909-21-20014.46
Wonderful Cross, TheIntro Tab4,47203-04-20053.33
Wonderful MakerChords22,98310-25-20023.43
Worthy, You Are WorthyChords15,58207-21-20042.00
Worthy, You Are WorthyChords11,00610-25-20044.00
Worthy, You Are WorthyChords2,88401-19-2006None
You Led Me to the CrossChords5,319-5.00
You Led Me to the CrossChords3,098-None
You Must IncreaseChords7,78708-12-20035.00
You Must IncreaseChords3,82206-21-20045.00
You Never Let GoChords19,86903-15-20064.67
You Never Let GoSolo Tab1,90301-21-20075.00

* Rating - This is a subjective rating for the accuracy of each song on a scale from 0-5. You are encouraged to rate each song that you use. To rate a song, simply click on the song title, and the rating information will be near the top of the page.

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