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MxPx Guitar Tabs

Title TypeViewsDate AddedRating*
Another Song About TVTab1,663-None
Aspect, TheChords1,496-None
Bad Hair DayChords/Tab2,572-None
Barbie GirlChords7,96510-06-20025.00
Barbie GirlChords4,91903-07-2003None
Blood and GutsChords1,675-5.00
Blue MoonChords3,585-None
Buildings TumbleChords2,394-5.00
Can't See Not SayingChords/Tab1,811-None
Chick MagnetChords/Tab6,52611-11-20015.00
Chick MagnetTab5,949-4.50
Chick Magnet (critter mix)Tab2,124-None
Chop ShopTab30708-14-20075.00
Christmas DayTab/chords2,484-None
Cold and All Alonechords2,427-None
Cold and All Alone]chords/tb1,683-None
Correct Me If I'm Wrongchords/tab1,472-None
Dead EndChords1,737-None
Destroyed By YouChords1,845-None
Different ThingsTab1,573-5.00
Do and Don'tTab/chords1,742-None
Do Your Feet HurtChords3,665-5.00
Do Your Feet Hurtchords2,522-5.00
Doin TimeChords2,538-4.00
Doing TimeChords/Tab2,34902-17-20035.00
Don't Look BackChords1,470-None
Don't Look BackChords/Tab1,374-None
Don't walk awaytab2,15302-11-20045.00
Downfall of Western Civilization, Thechords/tab2,526-5.00
Drum Machine Joy89806-02-2005None
Drum Machine JoyTab2,450-0.00
Ears to HearChords1,735-None
Easier Said Than DoneChords1,913-None
Easier Said Than DoneChords/tab1,697-None
Educated GuessChords1,902-None
Falling Downchords/tab2,023-None
False FictionChords1,726-None
Final Slow Dance, TheChords/tab2,207-None
Final Slow Dance, TheTab1,646-None
First Class MailTab/chords1,581-None
First Day of the Rest of our LivesTaB1,66007-21-20045.00
Fist Vs. TactChords1,624-None
For AlwaysTab/chords1,938-5.00
Get With ItChords1,873-None
Good Friends Are Hard To FindChords1,685-None
Grey Skies Turn Blue2,41406-08-20054.50
GSF (intro)TAB94503-24-20053.00
GSF introtab1,39405-01-2004None
Heard that SoundIntro Tab36302-01-20075.00
Heard That Soundtab2,77006-24-20053.75
Heard that SoundTAB91610-23-20053.00
Heard that SoundTab/Chords41002-25-20075.00
Here With Mechords/tab2,469-None
Here With MeChords/Tab2,183-4.00
High StandardsChords1,517-None
Honest AnswersTab1,745-None
I Can Be Friends With YouChords2,064-None
I'm Ok, You're OkChords3,886-5.00
I'm Ok, You're Okchords/tab2,718-4.67
I'm the Bad Guychords1,549-None
Inches From LifeChords1,56612-23-2001None
Inquiring Minds Want to KnowChords1,481-None
Invitation To UnderstandingChords3,243-5.00
Invitation To UnderstandingChords1,792-None
Is the Answer In the Questionchords1,950-5.00
Is the Answer In the QuestionTab1,41704-02-2002None
It's UndeniableChords1,922-None
Jay Jay's SongChords1,831-None
Kings Of Hollywoodtab1,11901-22-2005None
Kings of HollywoodTABS/CHORDS1,86111-10-20034.00
Let It Happenchords/tabs3,392-None
Letting GoChords1,668-None
life in generalTAB1,10305-27-2004None
Lifetime EnlightenmentTab1,885-2.00
Lifetime Enlightenmenttab ya64306-02-20055.00
Like sand Through the Hourglass...Chords/tab1,502-None
Lonesome TownChords2,579-2.00
Make Up Your MindChords1,734-None
Marie, Mariechords2,176-None
Middlename TAB1,51201-05-20045.00
Misplaced MemoriesChords2,128-None
Money TreeTab2,365-None
More EverythingTAB1,39805-07-20045.00
More EverythingTAB98212-22-20045.00
Mountain Dew Song, TheChords3,811-5.00
Move to BremertonChords3,070-0.00
Move to BremertonTab2,523-None
My Life StoryIntro Tab2,571-5.00
My Life StoryTab3,914-4.00
My Life StoryTab2,22810-02-2002None
My MistakeChords2,31407-03-20024.00
My MistakeChords/Tab1,97807-31-20023.00
My Mistake Tab2,24406-16-20035.00
My Mother Still Cleans My RoomChords1,754-None
Never LearnTab2,046-5.00
Never Learntab43304-05-2006None
New York to NowhereTab1,728-None
Next Big Thing, TheChords2,291-5.00
Next Big Thing, TheTab1,61910-27-20014.00
No ActionChords1,580-None
No BrainTab1,685-None
No BrainTab28110-14-2006None
No RoomChords1,550-None
Oh BoyChords1,87010-06-2002None
Oh BoyTab1,970-None
One Step Closer to LifeTab2,403-None
One Way WindowChords1,598-None
Opposite of Intellect, TheTab1,445-None
Opposite, TheChords/Tab1,428-None
Party II (Time to Go)Chords1,526-None
Party, My House, Be ThereChords3,460-4.50
Party, My House, Be ThereChords/Tab3,142-5.00
Party, My House, Be ThereTab2,41408-06-2002None
Play It LoudTaB1,58102-18-20054.00
Prove It To the WorldChords1,778-None
Punk Rawk ShowTab7,915-4.61
Quit Your Lifechord77103-29-20065.00
Quit your lifeCHORDS/tab3,89411-10-20044.67
Rainy DayTab2,005-None
Rock and Roll GirlChords2,354-4.50
Rock and Roll GirlChords1,35703-12-2003None
Rock and Roll GirlTab1,984-None
Role RemodelingTab41504-05-20070.00
Running AwayChords/Tab1,98107-03-20024.00
Scooby Doo, Where Are YouChords/Tab7,01607-03-20025.00
Scooby Doo, Where Are YouSolo Tab3,47907-19-20035.00
Self Serving With a PurposeChords1,561-None
Set the Record StraightChords2,092-None
Sick BoySolo Tab2,37910-07-20014.50
small town mindsCHORDS1,10007-14-20045.00
So Kill MeChords1,517-None
Something MoreTab1,413-None
Sometimes You Have To Ask YourselfTab1,823-1.00
Sometimes You Have To Ask YourselfTab1,44903-03-2003None
Sorry, So SorryChords1,632-5.00
South BoundSolo Tab1,47012-28-2002None
Story, The25509-19-2007None
Struggle, TheChords1,233-None
Study HumansTab1,382-None
Sugar Coated Poisoned AppleTab1,504-None
Suggestion BoxChords1,471-None
Summer of '69Chords5,439-5.00
Swing Set GirlTab1,883-None
Take On MeTab4,822-3.00
Talk of the TownChords1,396-None
Teenage PoliticsChords3,309-5.00
Teenage PoliticsTab2,372-None
The Darkest PlacesTAB1,21807-31-20055.00
The Darkest Places (Solo)TAB85910-23-20055.00
Theme Fiasco, TheTab1,953-4.00
Theme Fiasco, TheTab1,53902-17-2003None
Think TwiceChords1,524-None
Time Brings ChangeChords1,483-None
Time Will TellChords/Tab1,597-None
Today Is In My WayTab1,892-5.00
Tomorrow's Another DayChords3,236-5.00
Tomorrow's Another DayTab2,351-None
Too Much ThinkingTab1,417-None
Twisted WordsTab1,514-None
Two Whole YearsChords1,647-None
Ultimately Cheezy As Can Be SongChords2,404-None
Under Lock and KeyChords2,146-None
Under Lock and KeyTab2,228-5.00
Walking ByeChords1,678-None
Walking ByeTab1,656-None
Want AdTab2,835-4.00
What's Mine Is YoursChords1,660-None
What's Mine Is YoursTab1,485-None
Where Will We GoTab1,490-None
Without YouTab3,429-3.00
Wonder Years, TheChords2,091-3.00
Wrecking Hotel Roomschords1,09312-04-2005None
You Found MeChords2,20510-06-20024.00
You Found MeChords/Tab2,885-4.00
You Found MeChords/Tab1,84612-20-2002None
You Put This Love In My HeartChords2,314-None
You Walk I RunChords/Tab1,907-None
You're On Fire (intro)Intro Tab43108-27-20075.00
Your Problem, My EmergencyChords1,551-None
Your TurnTab/Chords44012-04-20064.00
Youre On Fire20001-21-2008None
Yuri Wakes Up ScreamingChords/Tab1,978-0.00

* Rating - This is a subjective rating for the accuracy of each song on a scale from 0-5. You are encouraged to rate each song that you use. To rate a song, simply click on the song title, and the rating information will be near the top of the page.

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