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DC Talk Guitar Tabs

Title TypeViewsDate AddedRating*
Alas My LoveChords4,537-4.00
Between You and Me(intro)intro tabs1,56506-10-2005None
Between You and MeChords13,928-None
Between You and MeSolo Tab6,72711-22-20015.00
Between You and MeTab7,109-5.00
Colored Peopleintro tabs2,64408-14-2005None
Colored PeopleTab25,051-4.59
Colored PeopleTab6,955-2.33
Consume Mechords5,36803-17-20054.20
Consume MeChords/Tab11,084-3.71
Consume MeChords/Tab8,863-4.71
Consume Melyrics link1,45804-25-2005None
Consume MeTab5,31307-27-2002None
Day By DayChords8,878-3.50
Free At LastChords4,309-0.00
Hardway, TheChords7,840-2.83
I Wish We'd All Been ReadyChords18,666-4.00
I Wish We'd All Been ReadyTab14,820-5.00
I Wish We'd All Been ReadyTab5,982-3.00
In the LightChords38,679-4.36
In the LightChords37,813-5.00
In the LightChords16,64507-22-20020.33
Into JesusChords6,35712-23-20033.00
Into Jesuschords98403-30-2006None
Into Jesuschords21512-21-20075.00
Into JesusTab7,388-3.60
Into JesusTab6,448-4.75
It's Killing MeChords4,493-3.25
It's Killing MeChords4,066-3.67
It's the End of the World As We Know ItChords8,487-4.75
It's the End of the World As We Know ItChords3,21907-17-2002None
Jesus Freak14,92406-15-20044.74
Jesus Freak5,59706-22-20044.14
Jesus Freak3,34705-11-20042.50
Jesus Freak30109-07-2007None
Jesus FreakChords49,107-3.83
Jesus FreakChords10,76303-26-20031.33
Jesus FreakChords/Tab14,76807-13-20022.13
Jesus FreakChords/Tab10,96112-20-20013.57
Jesus FreakChords/Tab6,25906-08-20031.80
Jesus FreakIntro Tab6,69007-27-20021.25
Jesus Freakintro/chorus tab2,73203-08-20054.00
Jesus Freaklyrics link3,82604-25-2005None
Jesus FreakSolo Tab8,258-1.67
Jesus FreakSolo Tab6,26706-02-20031.67
Jesus FreakSolo Tab3,40901-26-20043.50
Jesus Freak solo tabs3,60003-17-20054.67
Jesus Freaksolo tabs5,41106-05-20055.00
Jesus FreakTab17,064-3.22
Jesus FreakTab11,714-3.80
Jesus Freaktab2,50804-06-20054.00
Jesus FreakTab2,15809-17-20042.00
Jesus FreakTab5,80810-14-20022.00
Jesus FreakTab1,86107-20-20040.50
Jesus FreakTab5,38509-03-20044.29
Jesus Freaktab2,00405-20-2006None
Jesus Freaktabs1,65112-13-20041.50
Jesus Freak tabs4,02501-31-20053.00
Jesus Freak intro/chorus Tab78804-27-2006None
Jesus Is AlrightChords/Tab8,616-3.00
Jesus is just alrightTab53203-16-2007None
King, The (Allelujah)Chords2,575-None
King, The (Allelujah)Chords1,62106-15-2003None
Lean On MeChords25,136-5.00
Lean On MeTab17,015-5.00
Like It, Love It, Need ItChords3,690-2.40
Like It, Love It, Need ItTab3,206-4.60
Mind's EyeChords6,576-5.00
Mind's EyeChords/Tab4,25110-08-20014.50
My DelivererChords6,113-4.33
My Friend (So Long)Chords9,617-4.33
My Friend (So Long)Intro Tab7,906-3.83
My WillTab10,620-3.00
My WillTab5,197-4.33
My WillTab9,558-5.00
Red LettersChords13,126-5.00
Red LettersChords8,579-5.00
Red LettersTab4,955-2.50
Say the Wordschords1,94506-18-20055.00
Say the Words (Now)Chords/Tab5,944-4.60
Since I Met YouChords6,268-3.00
Since I Met YouTab4,021-2.75
So Help Me GodChords4,547-2.50
So Help Me GodIntro Tab4,438-4.50
So help me Godintro tabs83510-03-20055.00
So Help Me GodTab3,367-3.00
So Help Me God-Introintro tabs97807-08-2005None
Spirit In the SkyChords8,312-None
Spirit In the SkyTab8,390-5.00
Supernaturallyrics link1,63904-25-20055.00
SupernaturalSolo Tab2,69902-18-20042.50
Things of This WorldChords1,951-5.00
Time Istab1,15403-28-20055.00
Truth, TheTab2,365-5.00
Wanna Be LovedChords3,971-1.00
Wanna Be Lovedchords1,89904-15-20055.00
What Have We BecomeChords5,664-4.50
What Have We BecomeChords3,148-None
What if I Stumble Chords11,65807-02-20043.80
what if i stumblechords7,81503-06-20054.65
What if I stumblechords2,61110-05-2005None
What If I StumbleLive Solo Tab10,511-None
What If I StumbleSolo Tab10,930-0.00
What If I StumbleTab22,921-3.29
What If I StumbleTab13,551-None
What If I Stumble - IntroIntro Tab3,59711-12-2004None
When DC TalksChords4,070-1.00

* Rating - This is a subjective rating for the accuracy of each song on a scale from 0-5. You are encouraged to rate each song that you use. To rate a song, simply click on the song title, and the rating information will be near the top of the page.

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