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The David Crowder Band Guitar Tabs

Title TypeViewsDate AddedRating*
A CollisonChords7,03310-19-2005 -
All CreaturesChords14,42307-05-20055.00
All CreaturesIntro Tab16,50607-27-20044.73
All CreaturesIntro Tab3,02407-11-20053.33
All CreaturesLink - MS Word Document8,08709-16-2004 -
All Creatures Of Our God and KingChords36,41501-04-20032.50
All Creatures of our God and KingChords17,01806-09-20044.17
All Creatures of Our God and KingChords11,75707-11-20041.71
All Creatures of Our God and KingLink - Chords18,80507-24-2003 -
All Creatures pt.2Chords/Tab2,86008-25-20065.00
All I can SayChords6,12606-19-20055.00
All I Can SayChords/Tab20,195-3.83
All I Can SayChords/Tab10,07211-18-20023.67
All I Can SayChords/Tab7,32607-09-20044.78
All I Can SayLink - Chords7,57307-24-2003 -
All I Can SayTab5,52704-11-20043.00
All I Can SayTab1,90705-12-20065.00
Be Lifted Or Hope RisingTab2,40512-27-2005None
Be Lifted Or Hope RisingTab3,01501-08-20064.50
Beautiful CollisionChords6,14110-12-20054.00
Beautiful CollisionChords/Tab3,14702-13-20065.00
Beautiful CollisionTab2,39710-24-20051.75
Break My HeartChords7,131-3.00
Come and ListenChords3,69406-15-2006None
Come and ListenChords7,84104-09-20065.00
Come and ListenChords/Tab1,85002-16-20075.00
Come AwakeChords3,99110-18-20052.00
Come AwakeChords/Tab4,17310-04-2005None
Come AwakeTab2,77010-05-2005None
Come Thou FountChords47,14601-04-20032.25
Come Thou FountChords/Tab4,82704-09-2006None
Come Thou FountLink - Chords30,58407-24-2003 -
Come Thou FountTab22,22011-23-20034.20
Come Thou FountTab10,93603-24-20054.67
Come Thou FountTab42706-03-2007None
Coming Toward47812-13-2006None
Coming Toward36412-13-2006None
Coming TowardChords/Tab3,82110-17-20043.00
Coming TowardTab92109-06-2006None
Cry MercyChords10,20201-07-20024.00
Cry MercyLink - Chords3,47507-24-2003 -
Deliver Me63312-13-2006None
Deliver MeChords15,22702-06-20054.17
Deliver MeChords22,20512-31-20033.17
Deliver MeChords2,53511-03-2005None
Deliver MeChords1,84704-02-20062.50
Deliver MeChords1,25509-06-2006None
Deliver MeLink - MS Word Document7,46509-16-2004 -
DoxologyIntro Tab3,99505-17-20053.00
Everything GloriousChords6,75504-09-20062.50
Everything GloriousChords/Tab8,59204-07-20064.00
Everything GloriousChords/Tab3,15307-21-20064.00
Feliz NavidadChords22111-28-20074.00
Foreverandever etc.Chords5,32710-04-20052.00
Foreverandever etc.Chords3,07310-05-20052.50
Foreverandever etc.Chords3,19110-24-20053.00
Foreverandever Etc.Tab7,79511-08-20055.00
Foreverandever, Etc.Chords7,24410-22-20055.00
Foreverandever, Etc.Chords6,34009-25-20054.00
God of CreationLink - Chords8,82007-24-2003 -
God of WrathChords9,49403-06-20021.00
God of WrathLink - Chords5,83207-24-2003 -
He Is The LoveChords7,816-5.00
He is the LoveLink - Chords2,87107-24-2003 -
He Was ThereLink - Chords7,74207-24-2003 -
He Was ThereTab5,34410-16-20033.00
Heaven Came DownChord11,05803-23-20043.33
Heaven Came DownChords/Tab1,70403-19-2006None
Heaven Came DownLink - MS Word Document4,28709-16-2004 -
Heaven Came DownTab12,76206-29-20045.00
Heights, TheChords/Tab5,24301-07-20025.00
Heights, TheLink - Chords2,09307-24-2003 -
Here is Our KingChords30,77103-22-20054.13
Here Is Our KingChords17,67103-24-20053.33
Here Is Our KingChords19,56407-02-20054.50
Here is Our KingChords5,05410-24-20051.00
Here Is Our KingTab10,92811-08-20054.17
How GreatIntro2,85006-29-20065.00
How GreatLink - MS Word Document12,57009-16-2004 -
How Great -- Sunsets and Sushi MixTab2,78710-11-20055.00
How Great- Sunsets and SushiTab3,06106-02-20054.50
I Lift My EyesChords5,65807-29-20042.50
I Lift My EyesChristian10,496-0.00
I Need WordsChords13,71904-12-20021.67
I Need WordsChords/Tab21,67608-12-20023.83
I Need WordsIntro Tab4,92209-16-20055.00
I Need WordsLink - Chords8,51207-24-2003 -
I Need WordsTab1,79803-17-20065.00
I Will Not Be SilentChords/Tab7,81101-27-20051.50
Illuminate ChordsMS Word Document4,98507-10-2004 -
IntoxicatingLink - MS Word Document4,16309-16-2004 -
Make A Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be SilentChords41,378-4.40
Make a Joyful Noise (I will not be Silent)Chords3,11006-20-20053.00
Make A Joyful Noise (I Will Not Be Silent)Chords/Tab17,66802-03-20044.33
Make A Joyful Noise / I Will Not Be SilentChords/Tab2111-06-2007None
Make a Joyful Noise / I Will Not Be SilentLink - Chords163,38507-24-2003 -
Make A Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be SilentChords/Tab25,83908-09-20024.00
My HopeChords/Tab11,96109-19-20024.25
My HopeLink - Chords5,18207-24-2003 -
My HopeTab5,18310-23-2002None
No One Like You98512-08-20063.00
No One Like YouChords12,59304-22-20050.83
No One Like YouChords59,12409-23-20034.17
No One Like YouChords3,28701-03-20062.75
No One Like YouChords2,75108-07-20065.00
No One Like YouChords and Intro Tab16,85305-03-20054.00
No One Like YouChords/Tab65504-30-2007None
No One Like YouIntro Tab16,97401-09-20041.57
No One Like YouIntro Tab10,58602-22-20043.18
No One Like YouIntro Tab2,62905-14-20050.25
No One Like YouIntro Tab/Chords16,54806-17-20042.83
No One Like YouMS Word Document9,35809-11-2004 -
No One Like YouTab14,24502-25-20042.86
No One Like YouTab7,17107-15-20040.50
No One Like YouTab2,68108-01-20050.00
No One Like YouTab11,06308-08-20054.45
No One Like YouTab2,80211-09-2005None
No one like you (whole song)Chords1,26301-25-2007None
No-one Like YouChords/Tab1,74106-30-20061.00
O God Where Are You NowTab1,23205-15-2006None
O God Where Are You Now?Tab1,33204-22-20063.00
O Praise HimChord47,08004-24-20043.78
O Praise HimChords19,03608-29-20040.21
O Praise HimChords18,19809-01-2004None
O Praise HimChords17,77409-08-20055.00
O Praise HimChords3,66704-04-20063.00
O Praise HimChords/Riff16,98102-10-20054.00
O Praise HimChords/Tab27,34007-27-20043.63
O Praise HimIntro Tab4,19510-16-2005None
O Praise HimLink1,78204-30-2006 -
O Praise HimLink - MS Word Document13,73409-16-2004 -
O Praise Him (All This For A King)Chords66,54308-12-20034.15
ObsessionLink - Chords7,63007-24-2003 -
Oh Happinessintro tab11403-25-2010None
Oh The Glory of it AllChords2,62203-01-20072.00
Oh the Glory of it AllChords2,32905-10-20075.00
Only YouChords/Tab5,89812-28-20053.50
Only YouIntro Tab19,27111-08-20034.27
Only YouIntro Tab9,79405-16-20043.75
Only YouIntro Tab4,32507-24-20054.67
Only YouLink - MS Word Document8,96309-16-2004 -
Only YouTab48,77607-09-20044.29
Only YouTab9,44002-10-20055.00
Open SkiesChords31,86009-23-20033.00
Open SkiesChrods/Tab30,80007-27-20044.40
Open SkiesLink - MS Word Document10,65009-16-2004 -
Our Love Is LoudChords42,68902-14-20024.67
Our Love Is LoudChords/Tab18,46504-26-20034.50
Our Love Is LoudIntro Tab5,47005-08-20041.67
Our Love Is LoudIntro Tab2,19705-11-20053.00
Our Love is LoudIntro/Solo Tab2,57306-01-20052.50
Our Love Is LoudLink - Chords9,59807-24-2003 -
Our Love Is LoudTab5,95609-25-20044.20
Our Love Is LoudTab10,82609-04-20021.00
Our Love Is LoudTab2,24308-13-20054.00
Rain DownChords/Tab17,84508-16-20022.75
Rain DownIntro Tab3,09408-29-20054.50
Rain DownLink - Chords10,08707-24-2003 -
Rain DownTab8,25311-14-20022.00
Rain DownTab7,16605-31-20033.60
Rain DownTab/Chords10406-19-2008None
Rescue Is ComingChords5,98709-29-20053.25
Rescue Is ComingChords2,66803-20-20065.00
Revolutionary LoveChords14,21509-23-20031.33
Revolutionary LoveChords/Tab23109-18-20075.00
Revolutionary LoveLink - MS Word Document4,81909-16-2004 -
Revolutionary LoveTab3,75807-12-20054.80
Sing Like the SavedTab2,49906-27-2005None
Sing Like The SavedTab/Chords6,88202-26-20054.25
Skies Interlude/Open SkiesChords/Tab2,17610-13-20055.00
Sparks FlyLink - MS Word Document2,50609-16-2004 -
StarsLink - MS Word Document5,57109-16-2004 -
Surely We Can Change10707-15-2008None
Thank YouLink - Chords10,49307-24-2003 -
The Glory of It All10410-22-2008None
UndignifiedLink - Chords14,22007-24-2003 -
UndignifiedSolo Tab15,53011-29-20023.25
We WinChords2,75103-03-20065.00
We WinChords2,78003-10-20065.00
We WinTab2,87702-04-20065.00
Wholly YoursChords7,69610-15-20051.50
Wholly YoursChords18,17210-04-20054.75
Wholly YoursChords6,78110-04-20053.50
Wholly YoursLink3,85910-09-2005 -
Wholly YoursTab9,83011-08-20055.00
Wonderful KingChords16,01304-20-20024.20
Wonderful KingChords5,02404-17-20055.00
Wonderful KingLink - Chords7,85807-24-2003 -
You Alone62811-23-2006None
You AloneChords37,331-3.00
You AloneChords23,092-4.77
You AloneChords1,84704-10-2006None
You AloneChords3,30004-04-20065.00
You AloneIntro Tab/Chords10,81609-11-20045.00
You AloneLink - Chords10,93307-24-2003 -
You Are My JoyChords5,05303-03-20063.00
You Are My JoyChords/Tab5,45503-05-20064.00
You Are My JoyChords/Tab2,02808-08-2006None
You Are My JoyLink2,04302-17-2006 -
You Are My JoyTab3,26502-04-20062.50
You Make Everything GloriousChords3,31903-05-20065.00
You're EverythingChords24,32105-03-20023.67
You're EverythingChords1,86412-30-2005None
You're EverythingLink - Chords13,46007-24-2003 -

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