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Joe Christmas - Best Wishes

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Artist: Joe Christmas
    song: "best wishes"
   Album: "North to the Future"
   from tn1058..toothandnail records...
    my name: Garrett - sillyhead1@hotmail.com

     mmmk.I really like this song and no one tabbed it out, so...
  Here's my crack at it..i think everythings right...i don't know if all
 the words are right. I know there's one part i couldn't understand
  but i did my best:0)..have fun!

  There are some riffs you have to know for this song...
 (riff 1)

   (riff 2)
     *note...everytime you do this riff, you do it twice.
  and then when you are on your second time around you slide the last
 note into the "B" chord. you gets???

    Now fer the song:0)...

   D-*e-*e-*e-*e-D-D-B-D ......
   *e-*e-*e-*e-D-D-B-D (riff 1)
   *e-*e-*e-*e-D-D-B-D..right now you are already on the chord that
 starts (riff 2)...start riff two while singing 
Verse: (remember to repeat the riff #2 during the verse)
 (riff 2) (while singing)                  B        A   D  B D(riff 1)
 Am I trying to hard? Am I trying at all?? I don't know, I...don't....
 D(riff 1)   D        B D(riff 1)           D       D(riff #2)           
 Know.     We had it all...until, you told me so. Why do you wonder so?
   (riff #2)                       B             A             D       
 Where I hang out and where I go?  Don't dis my cloths. The pictures,
  B  D(riff 1)           D(riff1)        
 Crooked set, is their home.......(i think that's what he says?)
 A                         G      G D (riff 1)    D    (riff 1)
 Don't expect me to be your miricle,  I'm bound to fall.....
 A                         G      G D(riff 1)       D      
 Don't expect me to be you miricle,......i'm bound to fall....
 (then just play the intro at the end and on the last line on 
the intro...play the "B" chord three extra times..then end it on D)

  Here are the chords you have to use in this peachy song:0)

     D               *e                 G               A
 e|--5----|      e|---7----|      e|----5----|      e|----7---|
 b|--5----|      b|---7----|      b|----5----|      b|----7---|
 g|--7----|      g|---9----|      g|----4----|      g|----6---|
 d|--7----|      d|---9----|      d|----3----|      d|----5---|
 a|--5----|      a|---7----|      a|----3----|      a|----5---|
 E|--x----|      E|---x----|      E|----5----|      E|----7---|

...........................The "x's" just mean..don't play that string..
 if you can't play the whole barre chord...just play the top three
 notes.....for exaple....the "B" chord....
 e|---9---|    if you can't play that just play ... e|---------|
 b|---9---|                                         b|---------|
 g|---8---|                                         g|---------|
 d|---7---|                                         d|----7----|
 a|---7---|                                         a|----7----|
 E|---9---|                                         E|----9----|

  ....but the song does sound nicer when you play the full chord...
Send all coments, Korwrecksions, money, and whatever else you want to, at:
   sillyhead1@hotmail.com ..... or sillyhead413@hotmail.com
 If you are a person who plays any instument and you live in PA email
 me also.......please:)
  Enjoy the tab!

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