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Sanctus Real - Change Me

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

~*This is the Acoustic guitar part!!!*~
 *This keeps it simple with crisp open chords.
 *Its moderately easy with a 1-2-3/1-2-3 tempo.

SONG: Change Me
WRITER: Sanctus Real
ALBUM: Fight the Tide (2004)

Capo I fret...they probably tune-up for this, but a capo is so much easier.
(chord chart at bottom)

Am*Am/B*C*Gsus2*F  (x4)

Am*Gsus2*Fmaj7    (Repeat in 2nd chorus)


Am*F*C/G  (x2)(palm mute with single down strokes)
Am*C/G*F  (x2)(no vocals)
Am*C/G*F  (x2)(with vocals)

Back into Chorus.

CHORDS: (Relative to capo)
 Am                Am/B              C
e[---I---I---]    e[---I---I---]    e[---I---I---]
B[-*-I---I---]    B[-*-I---I---]    B[-*-I---I---]
G[---I-*-I---]    G[---I-*-I---]    G[---I---I---]
D[---I-*-I---]    D[---I---I---]    D[---I-*-I---]
A[---I---I---]    A[---I-*-I---]    A[---I---I-*-]
E[---I---I---]    E[---I---I---]    E[---I---I---]

 C/G               F                 Fmaj7
e[---I---I---]    e[-*-I---I---]    e[---I---I---]
B[-*-I---I---]    B[-*-I---I---]    B[-*-I---I---]
G[---I---I---]    G[---I-*-I---]    G[---I-*-I---]
D[---I-*-I---]    D[---I---I-*-]    D[---I---I-*-] 
A[---I---I-*-]    A[---I---I-*-]    A[---I---I-*-]
E[---I---I-*-]    E[-*-I---I---]    E[---I---I---]

e[---I---I-*-]    ~~adding bass notes(Am/B) to chords 
B[-*-I---I---]      is just fun to fool around with. I
G[---I---I---]      hope yall enjoy this as much as I
D[---I---I---]      have. The elect. guitar is fun but
A[---I---I---]      this song is great without it. The 
E[---I---I-*-]      G-note on the C/(G)chord is added  
                    for a little extra ummph when palm-
                    muted in the bridge. God Bless!!!!

Comments about this tab

Gtr4daKING - 2006-10-10
Hey ya'll, this is my first tab submission so please don't hammer me too bad, but any corrections are more than welcome. Have Fun and Play4christ. Feel free to email me as well at play4christ@msn.com. Praise GOD!!!
Chris H
Gtr4daKING - 2006-10-10
Sorry, but I found a correction already:
it should be C-Gsus2-Am-Fmaj7 in the chorus. Sorry!!!

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