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Halo - It's Your Decision

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				 by : Halo
			    Tabbed by : Tim Berg

Intro :         D5  C5 | Bb5  C5   (Repeat 4 times)

Chords :
  F/C           x3321x
  Eb7/Bb        xx532x
  F/A           x03211
  G/B           x20033
  C             x32010  (or x3555x)
  Gm            355333
  Dm            x57765
  Eb            x6888x
  Bb/D          x5333x

Tablature explanation :
  h - Hammer-on
  b - Bend
  \ - Slide
  p - Pull-off

Verse 1 :

You're living the good life, you've made it on your own
You've got everything you've ever wanted
You planned it all alone
You've climbed every ladder and opened every door
But there's a feeling deep inside you that's wanting so much more

Chorus :
F/C                       Eb7/Bb
Just take a look into the middle of your heart
	  F/A                 G/B             C
There's a place in there that only Christ can fill
Gm                        Dm
Take all your burdens and humbly lay them down
Eb            Bb/D            C
Move into the center of God's will
	     D5   C5  Bb5  C5
It's your decision

Verse 2:

You make choices everyday that effect your life
Some are good and some are bad
Some just get you by
Jesus stands at the door and wants to come in
But the way you choose to live your life is never up to Him

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge :
God wills that none should perish
Eternal life He gives
He's given us a will to choose
If you will go to Him
It's your decision

Lead :



NOTE : First part of lead scale is played in triplets.

Also, I haven't figured out the verses yet, but they don't seem to be
all that difficult.

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