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Jeremy Camp - Even When

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Artist:Jeremy Camp
Song:Even When
Composer:Jeremy Camp

This is an awesome song. I wishI could do the chords with the lyrics but
due to copywright laws.....blah blah blah. So lets get to it.

Standard Tuning
This is sorda just to give u an idea of how the song goes.

The beutiful strings hold the intro then comes the acoustic.

G D/F# C Cadd9
G D/F# C

G D/F# E D C D
right after the chorus theres this off note
I'm not sure wut it is but I know its in the E flat, D sharp area.

F C G 
Then the off notes come back so im juss puttin wut I think it is.
D sharp C G sharp D

Then back 2 chorus.

This is my first full tab so go easy on me.
Those sharps and flats kill me. If the song didnt sound so good
I would try takin them out. Hope this kinda gave you an idea of the song.
Much Love to the Man upstairs and God Bless.

Comments about this tab

Honor - 2004-12-31
Great job for your first time! You got the main gist of the song.. You were right about the D#, too... but it happens quite a bit in this song... I made the changes and fixed it up. The only part I'm not sure of is the bridge--the chords match what JCamp's singing, but I'm not sure if that's what the strings are playing in the back. Someone double-check this for me please :)

Even When
Jeremy Camp

Verse 2x:
G D/F# Em7 D (3x) D# D

G D/F# Em7 D C D
G D/F# Em7 D C D
D# D

D# D G D/F# Em D
I'll always .......
D# D G D/F# Em D
To ...............and I know
Bb (F) (Gm) Bb (F) (Gm)
And You heal me.. and You heal me
Bb Bb C D
And You heal me
Schecterboy - 2005-01-04
Thanx alot Honor for helping me out there, I really appreciate that, I hate those sharps and flats man. They get on my nerves. Thanx!
matt j t - 2005-03-20
Hey guys,

There's a song on this CD that I would love to play

It's called "Lay Down My Pride"

I would be great if someone could figure this song out,

because i've tried (and failed).
jiggyfly18 - 2005-08-16
what is D# how do you play that chord
gaasanch - 2005-08-25
you can play D# like a power chordish

e b g d a E
X X 8 8 6 X

thats how i play it
mattrox - 2006-01-02
yea man great job for first tab sounds pretty good keep up the good work
guitarrox1990 - 2006-10-12
hey i would really like the chords( or tabs) for the song breathe by jeremy camp, can someone help me out?
chattindood - 2007-01-23
the D# is a bar chord D# and he goes from D# bar chord to a D bar chord

D# bar is

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