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By The Tree - Beautiful One

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Song: Beautiful One
Artist: By The Tree
Words: Tim Hughes
Music: By The Tree

This is a great and done by a great worship band, 
even though Jeremy Camp does this 
song in G# and the writer Tim Hughes does it in G, 
By The Tree does it like this...

Intro/Chorus: D   E   D   C   D   E   F

Verse: D   E    F 4x

Chorus: D   E       D     C        D     E    F

Verse 2: D   E    F 4x

Chorus: D   E       D     C        D     E    F

Solo:  Listen for the timing
A---8-slide-9--slide down-----3---
Bridge:    D    E      F     G 
                 D    E      F    2x

Ending Solo:  end on F

Comments about this tab

josh-rock - 2004-10-23
ok.... so I'm the Admin. and this song was submited and the Tab was all screwed Up. the Program does that sometime. so I fixed it to what I think it was meant to be. anyways if the Peeps who submited it wants anything changed... he can PM me with corections... or Submit a new one
BranOhMac - 2004-10-31
If this is the Beautiful One that is done on By the Tree's newest album then this song is in Bb.

Intro should be: Bb C F C Bb C F
Verses: Bb C F
Chorus: Bb C Bb C Bb C F
Bridge: Bb C

At least that's how the version I have is. Can be played in the above key too.
lookatme87 - 2004-11-07
The ending solo is close, but I think this is what it actually is.

e -----------------------------------------------------
b -----------------------------------------------------
g -----10--12--14-------10--12--5----10--12--17-15-14~~
d -----------------------------------------------------
a ------8--10--12--------8--10--3-----8--10--15-13-12~~
E -----------------------------------------------------

The solo in the song is similar to the second part of this one.
lookatme87 - 2004-11-08
I take that back, on the second part of the riff, the C octave should actually be an E. It is still a C in the middle of the song though.
lougarc1 - 2004-11-19
Intro: Bb C Dm C Bb C F
Verses: Bb C Am Bb C Dm Bb C F
Pretty sure this is right. Going to see By The Tree Sunday night so I'll report my findings to confirm. God Bless!
lougarc1 - 2004-11-19
Sorry, verses are actually: Bb C Am Bb C Dm Bb C Am Bb C F.God Bless!
CMByrley - 2004-12-17
Actually, Tim Hughes does this song in D, Camp does it in Eb. The verses, intro, and chorus start on the 4 chord, which in D is the G. I don't know what key By the Tree does it in, but if the song starts with a Bb, it's actually in C.
Freestar007 - 2005-01-25
CMByrley, you said that the song starts on the 4th degree chord of the scale, which is correct. But by that logic, the song can't be in C if it starts on Bb. If the song were in C (C D E F G A B C), the 4 chord would be an F. So, since the Bb is the 4 chord, then the song is in F (F G A Bb C D E F).

GZSFREEK - 2005-03-28
Yes, By The Tree's version is in F, but that's too high for most congregations. It sounds a little more powerful though in By The Tree's performance. Thanks for your posts. They are helpful.
c82cj - 2005-05-02
lougarc1: great job your correction is right on the money.
rockin4god626 - 2005-09-13
i agree with c82cj great job lougarcl
god bless & always rock for god
guitarplayer67 - 2005-10-26
for the into try this
Darren Wilcox - 2006-02-10
Beautiful One

Bb C
Wonderful, So Wonderful
Is your unfailing love
Bb C Dm
Your cross has spoken mercy over me
Bb C
No eye has seen no ear has heard
No heart can fully know
Bb C F
How glorious, how beautiful you are
Bb C
Beautiful One I love
Bb/D C/E
Beautiful One I adore
Bb C F
Beautiful One my soul must sing

Powerful so powerful
Your glory fills the skies
Your mighty works displayed for all to see
The beauty of your majesty awakes my heart to sing
How marvelous how wonderful you are

You opened my eyes to your wonders anew
You captured my heart with this love
Because nothing on earth is as beautiful as you

Darren Wilcox - 2006-02-10
Intro: Bb C Dm C Bb C F
Verses: Bb C F/A Bb C Dm Bb C F/A Bb C F
Chorus: Bb C Bb C Bb C F
Bb C Bb/D C/E Bb C F
guitar_player13 - 2006-08-24
for those who are not very good at guitar (such as myself) you can just use g a d sounds simalir and pretty simple
chan3 - 2006-09-18
Try this: Chandler Brazell's version(ha ha)-just try
intro-either palm mute 8x for every chord or just strum downward for ever chord
D|-7-0-9-0-11--9-|-7-0-9-0-9-| Aadd9-577600
A|-7-0-9-0-11--9-|-7-0-9-0-7-| Badd11-799800
E|-5-0-7-0-9-0-7-|-5-0-7-0-x-| C#5-046600
verse-only acoustic B5-024400
Aadd9 Badd11 E5-079900
C#5 E5
Aadd9 Badd11 C#5 E5
Aadd9 Badd11
C#5 E5
Aadd9 Badd11 E5
chorus-have the electric play as well
Aadd9 Badd11
Aadd9 B5
Aadd9 Badd11 E5
bridge- I havnt figured out the electric solo yet(and I dont really care about it all that much)
Aadd9 Badd11
Aadd9 Badd11
Aadd9 Badd11 E5
for the ending they have the other electric solo .Well, I think I figued it out but I dont feel like typing it out right now at this very instant.
chan3 - 2006-09-18
Ok, so when i listed all the chords it messed up. here it is...

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