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Sanctus Real - Things Like You

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ok this is a song off of fight the tide, ive only had it for 2 days(i got it a
day early, through the mail) but i got this song, n e way, its a sweet song
here it is

song:things like you
band:sanctus real
written by:matt hammitt

relative to capo 1

D A Em G x5

F#2 B2 F#2 Em G

D A Em G repeat

ok then u got a new verse, a new pre-chorus, and a new chorus, they r all the 
same, so here it is.
verse 2/prechorus2/chorus 2
A G D A G D A B D A Em G D, then play first chorus

o ya, the bridge

A G D x4(i think, listin to cd)

and thats about it, ill have the solo in 2-4 weeks
and the song "change me around that time too(i have the song, it just 
doesnt sound completely right)
enjoy the song, God bless, Josh B.

Comments about this tab

sanctusfan14 - 2004-06-18
ok i messed up, verse 2/pre-chorus 2, and chorus 2 rnt the same here they are
verse 2

prechorus 2
A B D A Em D

chorus 2
D A Em G D
those r for guitar 2, guitar one(matt) stays the same through the whole song
o ya, forget everything in the tab about the verse 2/prechorus2/chorus2, just
look at this
guitarbmee - 2004-06-21
very nice. I'm working on "alone". I got it a day early also. Keep rockin' for Christ.
sanctusfan14 - 2004-06-21
thats sweet, i love that song....havnt got round to it....workin on a cadet
brainiac2007 - 2004-08-07
I figured it out on my own and then checked this site. With your correction I think it was completly correct. Good job!
sanctusfan14 - 2004-08-25
did u find anything different from mine? cuz i replayed it, cuz some of it doesnt seem right.
RcKn'Rll247 - 2004-10-13
Hey dude, ya might wanna add the solo, ya know for all the other people out there who don't know how to play it!!! Aloha
sanctusfan14 - 2004-10-16
i dont know how to play it, i was gonna figure it out, but i never did...maybe i should...or someone
RcKn'Rll247 - 2004-10-20
Um... yeah that would be a good idea,,, ill see if i can, i wasn't gonna try just incase you already did, but you haven't so unlucky day
CC jesusrulz33 - 2004-11-22
I think the chords are right relative to each other, but on the CD they're up a half step. So the intro/verse 1 would be:

Eb Bb Fm Ab------Instead of:
D A Em G

I only checked that part, but I'm assuming the same applies to the rest of the song.
super_truper - 2004-12-13
here is the tab for the solo RELATIVE TO THE CAPO

first phrase
B 7-7-7-7 7-7-7-7 10-7
G 9-7 9-7
D 9-7

Second phrase
E 10-10-10-10-12-12-12-12-14-14-14-14-12-12-12-12
B 10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12

there you go the second phase isnt completely right but it fits
super_truper - 2004-12-20
sorry about the first one here is the first phrase again

E -8-8-8-8-----------8-8-8-8------11-8-
B ---------10-8--------------10-8------
G --------------10-8-------------------
David wood - 2005-03-30
can someone tab "everything about you" alt verson
JohnM - 2005-04-25
"CC jesusrulz33" --> hence the "Capo 1" note on this tab. ;)
jesusismyhero - 2005-08-14
anyone have this with lyrics? Just wondering! E-mail me it at mithrillegolas@yahoo.com if you do! Thanks for the help!
guitar_gurl25 - 2005-12-23
they play this song with a capo on the 1st fret and the chords for the most part of it are
D, A, Em, G
the bridge is
A, G, D

i might have some part on the bridge wrong but im prettty sure thats it
RelientKFan7 - 2006-01-14
super-tuner I think that your solo is all wrong... I think it should be like this... (relative to capo)


Also... the Em doesnt sound right to me... sounds like something is missing
RelientKFan7 - 2006-01-14

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