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Justifide - To Live

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Song: To Live
Artist: Justifide
Album: The Beauty of the Unknown
Tabbed by: Joel C.

The other tab on the site was very good and I will admit that without it I 
probably couldn't have gotton this song.  There are a few changes though.
!Drop Db Tuning! (Db,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb)

Db 7-7-7-7h9-9h10-10h12--3-3-3-7h9-9h10-10-9-7--0-0-0-7h9-9h10-10h12-3-10-5
Ab 7-7-7                 3-3-3                  0-0-0                3-10-5
Db 7-7-7                 3-3-3                  0-0-0                3-10-5

Gb 5--------14-12-9

Db 3--5--7-7-7
Ab 3--5--7-7-7
Db 3--5--7-7-7

Chorus- Same as Intro except only the first chord (7)is short; hold all others.

Riff 1
Db 3--5--7--3--5--7-10-5
Ab 3--5--7--3--5--7-10-5
Db 3--5--7--3--5--7-10-5

Riff 2
Db 3--5--7----3--5-
Ab 3--5--7----3--5-
Db 3--5--7----3--5-

Riff 3
Db 5h7-5h7-5h7-5-3
Ab 5h7-5h7-5h7-5-3
Db 5h7-5h7-5h7-5-3

Riff 4
Db 5h7-5h7-5h7 7 (7)
Ab 5h7-5h7-5h7 7 (7)
Db 5h7-5h7-5h7 7 (7)

Intro (2x) Hold power chords 2nd time
Verse, Prechorus
Verse, Prechorus
Bridge (Riff 1, Riff 2)
Riff 3 (3x), Riff4
Riff 3 (3x), Prechorus
Chorus (2x)

Sorry if the order is kinda confusing.  The verse has some more picking that I
didn't get. Also, the radio version of this song cuts the loud part in half.
Well, that's about it.  
Any questions or comments can go to joellaw44@hotmail.com

Comments about this tab

sanctusfan14 - 2004-09-08
actually in the intro, its
i wrote that from memory, so u might play each one
more than i put, and i think the first power chord is
db-1-1-1 then u play it again, but it doesnt go to 7, it goes back down to 4, then 2(yall will figure it out)
stratguitarist - 2004-10-25
i think there's also a part in the verse where the guitar (or maybe its the bass playing really high) plays this:


whoever plays that part has a cool chorus or phaser or flanger effect, so its hard to tell if its a guitar or bass, but it sounds cool
joellaw44 - 2005-06-10
Actually, the intro part is
Eb -------
Bb 0-0-0-0
Gb 2-4-5-7
and so on. And if you look at the tab, it's in Db and there would be no powerchords at 1,2, or 4.

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